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If you are a lover of French dessert, Le Pont is the center where the gourmets of Parisian dessert meet in the capital of the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi.

About Le Pont: What would the words describe? Do they mean watering lips?!Could the eye narrate?! But the silence in a creativity campus is deemed as creativity.That calm at the kingdom of beauty is the Beauty itself.

Le Pont is a unique state of creativity containing around fifteen years of excellent experience which is reflected in its products that is accompanied by the fragrance of French countryside history, which embraced the splendor of the eastern feeling. This resulted in playing our most beautiful, sweet and accurate recital. Through your journey with Le Pont, we will take you to new worlds of sensation where your eyes are dazzled by the splendor of our exquisite pieces designs and the beauty of their bright colors, your breath enjoys the scent of its smart fragrance and the harmony of its delicious ingredients and your sense dissolves in the splendor of its happiness. And then you solely find that we have just created each piece only for you alone in order to go with us into a world of amazing detailed favorites that we created only for you.

Our vision

To offer a combination of Eastern French creativity whose charm of its taste grants you a unique sense of happiness and luxury.

Our Mission

To introduce innovation in offering master pieces of French taste, oriental flavor, well-designed and globally well-known dessert that appeal to the taste of our customers and exceed the prospects of their expectations.

Our goal

To invest the expertise and skills of our experts to create new global products of original flavors, modern design, luxurious taste and exceptional pleasure.

Our values:

  • Sustainability and Trust
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Innovation and Professionalism
  • Excellence and Mastery

Our Services

We are perfectly willing to organize all kinds of parties, including:

  1. Buffets
  2. Birthdays
  3. Weddings
  4. Success and Graduations
  5. Family and Entertaining Meetings
  6. External and Internal Meetings and Trips
  7. Events Distributions and Gifts
  8. Full Preparation for Barbecues
  9. Breakfast and Suhoor in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

About the Founder

Let’s talk about our brilliant recital that words fail to describe in the world of owner of happiness; it is the UAE business woman (Isis Haddad) having Masters of Quality Management. She has made her unique talent in the confectionery industry and her pure passion for everything that is delicious as a charming chant sung by the gourmets’ tongues in the Middle East. She started through her delicate sense a journey for sustainable development, progress and creativity as a lover eager who swept the earth from the East to the West to discover more flavors and foods and to gain a lot of unique experiences and techniques.So, she used to pick a rare flower in the world of sweets from each country.The innovation is her approach, the development is her path, the perseverance is her style and the precision is her purpose. With her creativity, your soul will hear charming tunes of splendor that court your feelings, relax you and make you live in an amazing world.

Makers of Happiness

Trust Partners:

They put their trust in us, so we granted them exceptional practice.

With their innovative creation, high sense and their experience exceeding 20 years, our experts are one of the most innovative and influential confectioners in the Middle East. The combination and blend of flavors, the consistency and the diversity of flavors take you to a unique experience. It is an adventure that you will enjoy only among the elite of their innovations. The French school of Ladurie was the place that embraced their talent and the place where their experiences matured so they have become the most famous among corridors of palaces and international hotels. In addition to giving you a unique combination of perfection and innovation, they are the most experienced confectioners in the French and Oriental dessert world. We also have professional confectioners who can make a customized dessert that meet the needs of our partners who have special medical needs.

Our customer department is available for any inquiries
from Monday to Friday between 9 am. to 6 pm.

+971 2 666 4122